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Jerky reimagined - made from simple, limited amount of high quality ingredients and a passion for making jerky better than any other company around.

Try all 4 flavors

Original Teriyaki - Original Teriyaki is the flavor that built VP Jerky! Marinated for at least 48 hours and dehydrated to the perfect level of moisture, this recipe rewrote the rules on how to make jerky.

Turkey Sriracha - NEW FLAVOR and it is amazing!  For folks who do not eat beef, the product line has expanded to add turkey.

Crab Habanero - "Crab Habanero" is the perfect blend of Maryland crab seasoning and spicy habanero hot sauce

Ole Cracked Pepper - This is not the jerky that you are used to seeing in the store, it's much better! It is prepared with the perfect amount of pepper to stand out, while also allowing you to enjoy the sweet and savory simple marinade

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Crab Habenero, Cracked Pepper, DOG JERKY Chicken Flavor, Original Teriyaki, Turkey Sriracha

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