Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
How does Yes Chef! work to reduce their impact on the environment?

There are many!

  • we are local – we are not shipping our meals across the country on trucks, thereby reducing energy consumption and emissions.

  • because we deliver our meals instead of ship them, we don’t pack them in large boxes, stuffed with insulation and cold packs – Instead, Yes Chef! meals are delivered using re-usable insulated bags and re-usable cold packs, then they are handed to you with limited packaging – just our re-usable, recyclable containers and a re-usable, recyclable bag.

How can I help make a difference while using Yes Chef?

Just by using Yes Chef! you will be making a difference! By not having to cook and clean as much, you will use less energy and water – good for the environment and your wallet! Then be sure to either re-use or recycle the packaging we leave with you.
How can I recycle the containers?
Our packaging is fully recyclable through your local recycling program – check with your local program for more information.
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