Our ingredients
Where do your ingredients come from?
We carefully source every one of our ingredients, working closely to build relationships with our purveyors and farmers. We buy locally whenever possible, always look for farmers that take as much care in their products as we do in ours, and we never compromise or give up on finding the absolutely best products available….we love food and it shows in everything we do.
I have dietary restrictions, can I order from Yes Chef!
In most cases – Yes! Our highly trained chefs understand food allergies and restrictions. Please contact us so we can personally discuss your unique needs and how we can best deliver on our promise of deliciously convenient meals for you.
I am concerned about preservatives and additives in pre-made and processed foods.
So are we! We pride ourselves on selecting quality, fresh ingredients to produce clean, natural meals.
Do you use local and organic ingredients?
We always use the best ingredients available – local when possible. We use a mix of organic and conventional produce so we always have the best and freshest product available during any season. We seek to build relationships with our purveyors, learn from their expertise about their products, and choose the best for your meals.
“Mother nature is the true artist and our job as cooks is to allow her to shine.”


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