Our Chefs & Staff
What do you mean when you say all Yes Chef! meals are chef crafted?
Chef crafted means that our professional chefs write the menus each week from recipes they have learned and developed through their many years of experience. The menus are chosen based on the seasonal availability of the best ingredients. The meals are then produced by the chefs in small batch productions with the love and passion for great food. Our chefs understand that no two apples are the same and it takes skill and experience to know how to select the best ingredients and then hand craft them into delicious meals for you!
What are the qualifications of your kitchen staff?
All of our chefs are highly experienced and professionally trained. Our top chefs work hands on in our kitchen and have earned industry certifications from the American Culinary Federation as certified executive chefs and certified culinary administrators. They have trained the next generation of culinary professionals as culinary college instructors. From events for thousands, weddings for hundreds, to exquisite dinners for two – our chefs have done it all. They have been on TV, judged culinary competitions and so much more. Even our prep cooks are carefully selected for their love of food and ability to work well with our chefs. Every member of our staff receives on going training in proper culinary techniques, food handling & safety, flavor profiles, menu preparation, and more. We hire the best and then train them to be even better…….all so you can enjoy our deliciously convenient meals!
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