No Subscription Required!
Is Yes Chef! a subscription service?
No! We don’t like being roped into a subscription before we try something either. Yes Chef! is committed to enhancing your life – your way! We give you the flexibility to order as few or as many meals as you want. With Yes Chef!, YOU are in control!
Do I have to sign up to view your menus and pricing?
Never! We believe in transparency, integrity and putting the customer first. Take as much time as you would like. You can browse our website, read our blogs, check out our menus and other products without ever giving us any personal information! You can even order and checkout as a guest.
My life is so much easier now that Yes Chef! makes most of my meals, is there some way I can save money as a regular customer?
Yes, there are several ways to save money as a regular customer. Just for being a loyal, regular customer we will periodically send you special discounts and offers. Want more? – Sign up for our Chef’s Table Newsletter. The newsletter includes one of a kind specials and discounts. For the ultimate in savings, join the club! Our Chef Club earns you credits towards future orders – the more you order, the more you earn!
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