Freshness & Quality
Are the meals frozen?
NEVER! We only deliver freshly prepared, freshly delivered, chef crafted meals. Our meals are never frozen or packaged with added preservatives or gases.
How do I know my meals will be fresh?
We pride ourselves on serving you the high quality, super fresh meals! It starts by sourcing the best ingredients available from local sources whenever possible. We make your meals specifically for you – we don’t prepare meals ahead of time. For even more freshness, we don’t even purchase the ingredients for your meals until you order. Your won’t find meats and produce sitting in our kitchens getting old waiting to be used. Your meals will arrive to you clearly marked with an enjoy by date for optimum quality.
How long will my meals stay fresh?
Because of our fresh preparation techniques, our philosophy of ordering fresh, local ingredients just for the meals we are making – and then making those meals just when you order, our meals stay fresh for 4-6 days depending on the meal. Your meal will be clearly labeled with a enjoy by date for optimum freshness.
Where are the meals prepared?
Your meals are prepared local to you – We never mass produce in huge factories and ship them across the country like many others do. Our professional craft kitchens are fully licensed and inspected, our staff are all trained in food safety and sanitation so you can feel confident in the quality of your meals from Yes Chef!
I am concerned about preservatives and additives in pre-made and processed foods.
So are we! We pride ourselves on selecting quality, fresh ingredients to produce clean, natural meals.
Do you use local and organic ingredients?
We always use the best ingredients available – local when possible. We use a mix of organic and conventional produce so we always have the best and freshest product available during any season. We seek to build relationships with our purveyors, learn from their expertise about their products, and choose the best for your meals.
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