Family Meals
Yes Chef! meals have made our busy nights so much easier, can you help on nights when we are having dinner together as a family?
YES! That is the very reason we created our Family Paks. Our Family Paks provide you with the simplicity and delicious convenience of our individual meals, in a more economical, budget and kid friendly format.
Our your Family Paks kid friendly?
Yes, We have family paks that are sure to please your kids too – we work hard to strike a balance between kid friendly and adult friendly – foods kids recognize, flavor and quality parents like with the freshness and quality that Yes Chef! is known for.
How do I serve a Family Pak?
Every Family Pak is clearly labeled with reheating and serving instructions. Typically each component is packed individually to be reheated and transferred (if you want) to your own serving dishes.
How many servings are in a family pak?
That is up to you! Family paks are customizable in size from 2-8 portions.. Simply choose how many servings you would like when ordering.
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