How do I prepare Yes Chef! Meals?
Simply remove from your refrigerator and follow the clearly labeled directions for reheating (if necessary) With all of our incredibly delicious options, the hardest part will be deciding what to choose!
Do I have to cook the meals?
NO. The meals come fully cooked and ready to be reheat quickly in the microwave (less than 3 minutes). Heating instructions vary by meal and are clearly labeled on each container.
The cheese on my burrito wasn’t melted, does this mean it wasn’t cooked?
No. While everything is fully cooked, it may not be fully heated. The cheese will melt during the reheating process. We package every meal individually with care use methods to give you the best, freshest meal possible. Therefore, there are some meals that will have a garnish or other portions (such as shredded cheese) or fresh accompaniments that are never pre-cooked or pre-heated ahead of time because these aren’t leftovers – these are freshly crafted meals packaged just for you.
Can I heat my meal in the container it arrived in?
Yes! Our containers are BPA free and tested by the FDA for safe use in the microwave. Always be sure to read the heating directions to see if any components of your meal should be removed before heating. Always vent the container by unsealing it from the bottom half and loosely placing it over the food container. Also, don’t overheat.
I like the feel of eating from a plate, should I heat my meal first?
If your plates are microwave safe, you can transfer your meal before or after heating. Never heat on a non-microwave safe plate, and do not use plastic wrap to cover as it’s not microwave safe and it might melt. Instead use a plate cover or paper towel. NOTE: transferring before heating could change the heating time requirement – often times it will take less time.
My salad has several things packaged separately in the container, why?
We do this for freshness as it keeps food items crisp, meats moist and lettuce fresh. For most salads, simply add all the toppings and dressing, reseal the lid and shake gently for a perfectly tossed salad.
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